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The SLIDERS Mysterious Dark 6th Season.....
Home Again???


Home Again???
An Enemies Return.....
Lost In The Net.....

Episode 1: Home Again????

Writen by: Sliderman321 & Produced by Jorstparoc4

As the red vortex closed Maggie, Diana, and Mallory was all alone. "What do we do now?"Mallory said. They did not know if Rembrandt made it home and is still alive and the seer was now dead. Rembrandt was getting ready for any thing thay might happen to him. He was nearing the end of the vortex and was ready if he was going to die like the seer said. Rembrandt came flying out of the vortex and landed hard on the ground. "Wow what a hard landing, Am I alive and am I home?"Rembrandt said. As he looked around he saw a familiar site it was Quinn's house. But the house and the whole street was badly damaged. Off in the distance Remmy could hear a manta ship coming. ____________________________________________________________
What if you found a portal to a parallel universe? What if you could slide into a thousand different worlds where it's the same year and you're the same person, but everything else is different? And what if you can't find your way home?


Cleavant Derricks
Kari Wuhrer
Robert Floyd
Tembi Locke
____________________________________________________________ He want into Quinn's house to hide from the manta ship. He did not want the kromaggs to take him to soon. He needed to make a plan. ____________________________________________________________ HomeAgain..... ____________________________________________________________ Rembrandt want to check Quinn's basement. To his surprisement it was intact. " How can this be? Then he noticed Quinn's tv was on and a video was in the vcr. "What is this? Rembrandt wondered. During this back on the seer world diana told Maggie and Mallory some bad news. " Guys this machine is no long able to work we are stuck here now. " Back on Rembandt's world Remmy found out that the tape in the vcr was the tape Quinn made before the frist slide but the where no help to him. Then some thing caught his eye it was plan's for building a timer. " Great this it what I need. " Rembandt put the plans in his pocket. Then Remmy left the house but there was a kromagg out side. Remmy took out his gun and killed the kromagg. Rembrandt then saw his manta ship and went into it. "How do i control this ship?" Rembrandt said to himself.
All on a sudden the ship started and was in autopilot. It was taking Remmy back to the kromagg base. The ship landed and Remmy hid because he knew the kromaggs will be coming in. Then he remember the needle and got the virus ready for and kromaggs. Then a kromaggs officer came in and said "Where is the stupid pilot he better have not ... But before he could finish Rembrandt came jumping out and stuck the needle into the neck of the kromagg. The kromagg screamed but was dead. Then a alarm want off and Rembrandt was in trouble. A group of kromaggs came and took rembrandt to there leader genral Krorock. " It is nice to see you again Mr. Brown the dynasty been waiting for your return." "Die you ugly kromagot." Remmy told him."Mr. Brown We have been tracking your journey from two years ago when you broke out of this base with Quinn Mallory and we want to know Where is he." "I will never tell where he is you kromagg."Rembrandt said to him. " If you will not tell us where he is we will put you in the cells. " Then Rembrandt was takein to the cells but before the put him in he stuck the needle with the virus. " What the hell is...." the kromagg dead and then all the kromaggs fell down dead and Remmy could hear all the kromaggs on the base dieing. Rembrandt then went back to genral Krorock office but we was dead in his chair. But Remmy saw that he sent a message to the kromagg dynasty. Then Remmy decided to see if he could find something to help him out.He then scolled down on the computer screen and saw that the kromaggs where holding a double of Quinn on this base. Great he might be able to help me get back to the seer world and fix the timer. " He then pulled out the damge timer. Rembrandt then took the key to the cells and sreached for the Quinn double. The he found him in his cell alone."Rembrant that cant be you the hromaggs killed you three months ago with Maggie and Colin." Quinn said. " Quinn am not your Rembrant but I came he to help you." Remmy said. "Ok I will help you if you can get my timer back from the kromaggs." He said. "You do not have to worry about the kromaags I killed then all with a virus." Rembrant told him. "your timer might be in a kromagg lab I will take you their ok." Quinn and Remmy want to the lab and after awhile they found his timer and it look just like Rembrandts timer. "Quinn do you think you and fix my timer. " Remmy said while pulling out his timer. "What happened to it?" Quinn said. Then Remmy told Quinn what happen to him on the last world he was on. "Wow that is a strange world Remrant and I think I can fix your timer but the co-ordinates to where your friends are is gone you will be sliding blind Rem. " Quinn said to Rembrant. A little while after Quinn said" Rembrandt I fixed your timer and it can store co-ordinates again but the tracking decive does not work."Quinn told him. "Great thank you Quinn."Remmy told him. "Remmy I have one question for you when u where talking about your group you talked about a guy name mallory who is he and the diana person too.?" "Oh ok, Mallory is a double of my Quinn and about a year about he was merged with Quinn and my Colin became unstuck and diana tryed to fixed everthing but she could not." Rembrandt told Quinn. "Wow what a story Remmy I hope you will find them again. "I hope so too Quinn and take care of your self ok Quinn."Rembrandt said. Then the timer started up and was counting down from ten seconds. "Goodbye Quinn" Remmy said. and then the vortex came out and the swirling blue wormhole waited for Rembrandt to jump into. and then it closed up after he was in it. Then the Quinn's double timer went off and he jumped into his vortex that was a yellowish orange color. Rembrandt came flying out of his vortex and landed in a alley. He walked out from the alley and saw a poster saying, "Rembrandt brown president of the united states of america." Wow my double is the president I better get to the Chandler before any one sees me. " Then a group of people saw Rembrandt and ran after him. " Oh great they saw me!" Rembrandt ran off towards the Chandler.